i Am a French breeder of Particolor pure Persians (Vans, Harlequins, Bicolor and Tabbies) under the cattery name *Ma-Griff 's* since 1976. All my cats get the sweet look I loved so much - big eyes - bombed head without defects - a lot of coat and a cobby massive body. Pedigrees LOOF or CFA. They leave my home: microshipped, vaccinated, with a health certificate and their pedigree.

Either you are a breeder or not, well confirmed or not, I get the right without to give any reason, to refuse a sale because I am very strict on my babies placements.


I always preferred 'the quality to the quantity' (my sentence has been used so many times by some other catteries... LOL..) and I will entrust you a well-balanced kitten, well affectionate in perfect condition. Since their youth, they used to be washed, groomed and to receive big cuddles and a lot of Love.


ALL my breeders are tested by DNA for PKD - Each year, I used to breed no more than 10 kitties to have the time to take care of them.


At this time, I get only 2 studs and 2 breeder girls under the name *Ma-Griff 's*. Soon, 4 new girls will join my family: 2 with my own feline lines in their pedigrees and 2 who will bring new blood lines in my breeding program. My other girls (6- 12 years old) are now spayed and will live until their death with my husband and me. All my cats live in perfect freedom in my home or in my garden - none cats is closed!


I don't offer stud services - I have a contract for your own guarantee and your security and of course for the health of my 4 paws loves ! The reservations are not reimbursed. About shows, I don't used to attend at so many due to health reasons; but my kitties will permit you to know the podium even if it's not really primordial personally. It's a pleasure I get during 30 years and now I can let my place to my customers....


We belong the certificate *CATTERY OF EXCELLENCE* delivered by the CFA in US and the French qualified breeder diploma called *CETAC* delivered by the French Minister of Agriculture. It's a serious guarantee of good life and conditions of all my kitties.


Please come back often to see my website and my feline companions - I used to add new photos of them. Hope that you spent a good time to visit my website and to meet my little feline family. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information by using this email address =  magriff.persans (at) -   Best regards. Anne-Charlotte Poncet

 Anne-Charlotte & Gérard Poncet.